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Western Region

Igongo Cultural Centre and Museum

Located in Biharwe 10km before Mbarara town on Masaka-Mbarara road,  Igongo Cultural Centre and museum preserves and showcases the cultural and natural heritageof the people of South-western Uganda.

At the museum you will be able to see different sections related skills; family and community; clans and social organizations. The museum has three dimensional modules of the Abacwezi legendary sites such as Bigo Bya Mugyenyi, Ntutsi Mound, Lake Nyabihoko, Nyabingi, among others. One section of the museum showcases the politics and leadership (pre-colonial, colonial & post colonial) of Ankole as well as a hall of fame.

The community is mobilized to appreciate, embrace, promote and benefit from the rich cultural and natural heritage of South-Western Uganda. At the museum, there is a cultural village which showcases vernacular architecture of the people of south-western Uganda.

Linked to the museum is a 5-star country hotel, a traditional restaurant, bar, craft shop and beautiful gardens.

For further details contact the curator: P.O.BOX 512 Mbarara, Tel: +256 392722829, Email: jtumusiime2004@yahoo.co.uk Website: www.igongomuseum.co.ug

Nkwanzi Museum

The Museum was started by a retired teacher called Omugurusi Festo Karwemera who is commonly referred to as the encyclopedia of the Kikiga culture and language and it is located in the middle of Kabale town.

At the Museum, a traditional Kikiga homestead is showcased. Objects such as musical instruments, hunting tools and traditional healing techniques highlighting the importance of the cultural heritage of the Bakiga are showcased at the museum.

For further details contact the manager on: Tel: +256 704545687, Email: andyaahumuza@gmail.com

Ankore Cultural Drama Actors’ Mobile Museum

The Ankore Cultural Drama Actors’ Museum was started in 2007 by the Ankore Cultural Drama Actors. The museum preserves cultural objects of the Banyankore people in South-western Uganda. The Banyankore are known for their love of cattle and milk products. Much of the Ankore culture revolves around the cow.

This is a mobile museum. Objects are taken to schools to teach young people about the traditional lifestyles of the Banyankore. The objects are also sometimes transported to community centres to encourage adults to appreciate and promote their cultural heritage.

The Museum is located at Kagarama, 10km off the Mbarara-Isingiro Road. For further details contact the curator on: +256 772 182555/752 435 583

Bukangama Community Museum

Located 3.5km along Kasese-Kilembe road in Kasese district, Bukangama Community Museum conserves and promotes the natural and cultural heritage

of the people of Rwenzori region of Western Uganda. In collaboration of elders and young people, the museum integrates peace and reconciliation activities in its programmes in an attempt to support the management of conflicts in the Rwenzori region.

There are hot springs and fish ponds linked to the museum.

For further details contact: +256785221569/ +256702547186, +256 782255 460 or kiwaheritage@gmail.com

Obudhingiya Bwa Baamba Cultural Information Centre

The Centre is located about 1km before Bundibugyo town on Fort Portal-Bundibugyo road. The Obudhingiya Bwa Baamba (OBB) cultural information centre was launched in May 2014 by His Excellency Y.K.Museveni, the President of Uganda and Major Martin Ayongi Kamya, the cultural leader of OBB Cultural institution. The institution is comprised of three Indigenous Minority communities namely; Bamba, Bavanoma and Babwiisi.

The centre therefore preserves and promotes cultural heritage aspects of the 3 communities which include artistic and household utensils. Among these are; language and literary arts, performing arts, visual arts and handicrafts, indigenous knowledge, cultural beliefs, traditions and values, cultural sites, monuments and antiquities. It also facilitates learning and research on the cultural practices of the 3 groups which are considered as minorities.

For further details contact the manager of the centre on: Tel: +256 772 966094/0 774 422 322/0 701 368 258

Koogere Foundation Museum

The Foundation and the museum are located in Kabarole District, Fort Portal town. The Koogere Cultural Foundation manages a community museum which preserves and showcases Tooro culture as a resource for education and development. At the museum one learns about the evolution of various customs of the Batooro including dressing, literature and clan totems and Empaako names common among Batooro, Banyoro, Batuku, Banyabindi and Basongora.

Besides the museum, the Foundation offers weekend classes in culture, traditional handicrafts and Rutooro language. The Foundation also runs a cultural troupe which performs various traditional dances.

For further details, contact the proprietor on P.O. Box 975 Fort Portal, Tel: +256 774500283, Email: koogerealice@yahoo.com

Nyamyarro Museum – Bunyoro Kingdom

The Museum is located inside the Karuziika (the royal palace of the King of Bunyoro in Hoima town).  It conserves and promotes the human heritage and the ancient regalia of the kings of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom through education and tourism.

The main object in the museum is a 9-legged royal stool of the Omukama (King). The museum is also known for its focus on metallurgy in the Kingdom.

For further details, contact Mr. Bruhan Byaruhanga, Hoima town Tel: +256 704 690506/0782044666

Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme – Cultural Assets Centre

The Centre is located in Kagadi Town Council Kagadi District on the URDT campus. The Cultural Assets Center is a project within Uganda Rural Development and Training institute. The centre emphasizes the culture of preservation and sustainable management of our cultural and natural endowments. The centre not only presents cultural artifacts but it also presents traditional knowledge and wisdom from the elders of Bunyoro and it is connected to Kagadi community radio.

For further information, contact the Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme, Tel: +256782922740/0786-520109 Email: urdt@yahoo.comwww.urdt.net

Bunyoro Community Historical Museum Associates

Located along the shores of Lake Albert, Bunyoro Community Historical Museum Associates (for Peace and Development) showcases artifacts that depict the cultural heritage and history of the people of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom. Artifacts range from musical instruments to household utensils.

For further information, contact Apuuli Karugaba: Tel +256 772 686922

Bugungu Heritage and Cultural Information Centre

Bugungu Heritage and Information Centre is a Community museum found in Buliisa District in the Albertine Region. It was registered in 2013 as a Community Based Organisation with the main aim of protecting, promoting and preserving the cultural heritage of the Bagungu people.

The museum is linked to secondary schools and community through the cultural heritage clubs and community outreach programmes

For further details, contact the curator on +256 0775548263 Email: bugunguheritage@gmail.com