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List of Community Museums in Uganda

Tourists love Uganda for her tropical climate, the beautiful landscape and the fascinating sights and sounds of the countryside. But the magnificent natural sites do not exist in isolation
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As in any other field or profession, Quality Assurance Standards for community museums in Uganda are generally acceptable levels of attainment that all museums are expected to achieve; they are benchmarks or targets that community museums need to adhere to. The standards provide the means to measure the quality of services provided by a museum to its community and to ensure that the Museums are accountable to each other, their stakeholders, the public and society at large.
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Rwenzori Sub region Cultural Exhibition

The exhibition was intended to expose Community Museums and their role in protecting and promoting Cultural Heritage in Rwenzori sun region, link community museums and the young people, deepen awareness of the need to promote our cultural heritage as a source of our identity, link Community Museums to potential sources of support including Tour operators, local governments, CSOs and Cultural Institutions in Rwenzori sub region.
Exhibition report


The emerging role of community museums in Uganda 


Documenting and presenting contentious narratives and objects – Experiences from museums in Uganda


Igongo Museum: A collection of Ankole culture and diverse history


Community museums preserving culture, history in Uganda


You can also visit resources on community museums by the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda (CCFU)