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1. Cultural Research Centre Museum
2. The Charles Nyonyintono Kikonyogo Money Museum
3. Igongo Cultural Centre Museum
4. Kabaka Mutebi’s collection
5. Museum of Acholi Art and Culture
6. Nyamyarro Museum – Bunyoro Kingdom
7. St. Luke Community Museum
8. Uganda Martyrs’ University Museum
9. Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme – Cultural Assets Centre
10. The Batwa Cultural Experience, a museum trail
11. Thur Community Museum
12. Ham Mukasa Museum
13. Kigulu Chiefdom Museum
14. Koogere Foundation Museum
15. Ik House of Memory
16. Kooki Museum
17. Madi Cultural Museum

18. Bunyoro Community Museum of culture.

19. Mt. Elgon museum of history and culture

  •  Bugungu Heritage and information centre
  • Lubaga Catholic Museum
  •  Ker Panyimur Kwonga Chiefdom Museum
  •  Acholi Cultural and Tourism Centre
  • Busoga Cultural Museum
  •  The Human Rights Focus Peace Museum
  • Benet Cultural Learning Centre
  •  Karamoja Women’s Cultural Group Museum
  •  Mountains of the Moon University Museum
  •  Bulemba Community Museum
  • Butambala Heritage Centre of Civilization
  •  Museum of the Centre for African Christian Studies (CACISA)
  • The Home of Edirisa Museum
  •  Ankore Cultural Drama Actors’ Mobile Museum
  • Bukangama Community Museum
  • Obudhingiya Bwa Baamba Cultural Information Centre
  • African Traditional Kisoga Home

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