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Northern and west Nile Regions

Northern and west Nile regions

Ker Panyimur Kwonga Chiefdom Museum

The museum is adjacent to Lake Albert in Panyimur within the palace of the Ker Panyimur Kwonga Chiefdom. The museum preserves and promotes the cultural resources of the Ker Panyimur Kwonga Chiefdom in Jonam County of Pakwach district. One of the rarest objects is a drum which, if sounded, the reigning chief will die!

For further details contact the curator on: +256 751319929/ +256777187137/+256772-681155

E-mail: kerpanyimurkwonga@hotmail.com

Madi Community Museum

The museum is located at Metu sub-county headquarters Moyo District. It preserves and showcases the cultural resources of the Madi community. It is the first of its kind in Madi sub region and it showcases among other cultural objects, the Ma’di bowl lyre music and dance (O’di ), an Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) element inscribed by UNESCO in 2016. The instrument is usually performed during social occasions such as weddings, celebrations to mark good harvests, to mourn the passing of loved ones, to resolve conflicts, and more recently to convey messages during political rallies.

For further details, contact Manager on: +256 774052394/+256 751451701