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To date, there are about 27 community museums in all parts of the country. Some of them are located along main transport routes or in main towns and others in more remote areas (see https://crossculturalfoundation.or.ug/community-museums/). Membership to the Association is optional. Some of the museums listed below are supporting cultural heritage clubs in more than 150 secondary schools.

Community museums are fewer in Northern and Eastern Uganda than elsewhere, because these regions were in recent past affected by war and displacement. This has not only put immediate survival needs at the forefront, but has also led to a breakdown of cultural values, especially among the younger generation. Sometimes, a few of the museums temporarily close business due to financial difficulties.

Clusters of community museums in the five regions of Uganda

Eastern region

Cultural research centre museum
Kigulu Chiefdom Cultural Museum
Mt. Elgon History and Cultural Museum
Thur community museum
Ik House of Memory

Central Region

The Charles Nyonyintono Kikonyogo Money Museum at the Bank of Uganda
Ham Mukasa Museum
Lubaga Catholic Museum
Uganda Martyrs’ University Museum
Buddu Cultural Museum
Kooki Cultural Museum

Western Region

Igongo Cultural Centre and Museum
Nkwanzi Museum
Ankore Cultural Drama Actors’ Mobile Museum
Bukangama Community Museum
Obudhingiya Bwa Baamba Cultural Information Centre
Koogere Foundation Museum
Nyamyarro Museum – Bunyoro Kingdom
Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme – Cultural Assets Centre
Bunyoro Community Historical Museum Associates
Bugungu Heritage and Cultural Information Centre

Northern and west Nile regions

Ker Panyimur Kwonga Chiefdom Museum
Madi Community Museum