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Central Region

The Charles Nyonyintono Kikonyogo Money Museum at the Bank of Uganda

The museum is located on Plot 45, Kampala Road, within the Headquarters of the Bank of Uganda and can be accessed through the gate opposite the Constitutional Square. The museumwhichwas opened in 2006 when the Bankof Uganda celebrated its 40th anniversary was named after the 8th Governor of the Bank, Charles Nyonyintono Kikonyogo, in honour of his contribution to the economy of Uganda and central banking in particular. Mr. Kikonyogo first worked with the Bank of Uganda in 1967, then as Deputy Governor from 1975 to 1979, then as Governor in 1979 and from 1990 to 2000.

The Museumpreserves items and presents the heritage of Uganda’s currency and the history of the Bank of Uganda. At the museum, one can see cowrie shells and bark cloth which were used at one point as currency

For further details contact the curator at:+256-414-258441/9 Email: info@bou.or.ug

Ham Mukasa Museum

The museum is located in Nassuuti village near Mukono town off Kayunga road.

The museum preserves and promotes the legacy of Ham Mukasa who was a secretary to Sir Apollo Kaggwa, the longest serving Katikkiro (Prime Minister) of Buganda Kingdom. He was also one of the earliest Anglican Catechists. The museum which is housed in a historical building constructed by Hamu Mukasa in 1902 showcases artifacts that portray the legacy of Ham Mukasa (1868–1956. One of the attractions at the museum is the relic of the car which Ham Mukasa used to drive.

For further details contact the manager on: +256 712 491009

Lubaga Catholic Museum

The museum is located at the Lubaga Cathedral and managed by the Catholic Archdiocese of Kampala. Its mission is: “To open people’s eyes, pick the interest, come and see the origin of the Catholic Church in Uganda”

The museum keeps records of the history of the Catholic Church in Uganda to teach, especially the Catholics who do not know much about their religion. It also helps the Catholics to grow deeper and strong in their faith. The museum also keeps the vestments of the first Catholic priests in Uganda, the original hand written manuscripts of Simon Peter the successor of Jesus Christ (the 1st Pope). The shoes which Fr. Simeon Lourdel Mapeera (one of first Catholic missionaries to settle in Uganda in 1879)used and the remains and relics of the various saints.

For further details contact the curator on: namatovuresty@gmail.com. 0701 172 750,0701-810626

St. Luke Community Museum

The museum is located at Kiteredde, 1km before Kyotera town. It was initiated by Brother Anatoli Wasswa of the Bannakaroli Brothers of Masaka Catholic Diocese to preserve and showcase objects, mostly received from traditional medicine practitioners who have abandoned their belief systems as being un-Christian.

Through the museum, Brother Anatoli teaches healing methods that do not involve worshipping ancestral spirits. The museum is also linked to a treatment unit where herbal medicine is prescribed and administered. The museum showcases healing mechanism using local medicine, archives materials for research purposes and has an auditorium room for educational programmes.

For further details, contact: +256 772 490162, +256 785-844259 or Email: nakayitacathy@gmail.com.

Uganda Martyrs’ University Museum

The museum is located at the University campus at Nkozi, 84km along Kampala-Masaka road.

The Museum was established in 1996 as a small collection of indigenous cultural artefacts and sculptures from Uganda and neighbouring countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The museum is motivated by the desire to preserve and promote African Culture, as well as to facilitate research on its significance in the present African and world development contexts.

The Museum is housed by the African Research and Documentation Centre Library and serves students from various university faculties, as well as other local and international visitors and researchers.

For further information, contact: Uganda Martyrs’ University Museum: Tel: +256 (0)382277924 Email: ardc@umu.ac.ugresearchdirectirate@umu.ac.ug

Buddu Cultural Museum

Located at the Mutuba VI Gombolola (sub county) headquarters, Buddu Cultural Museum was established by the Mutuba VI Gombolola youth group to preserve and display mainly ethnographic objects of the Baganda. Notable among the objects is a wooden machine used for threshing maize.

For further details contact Jude Muleke 0701973617

Kooki Cultural Museum

Located next to the headquarters of Rakai District, the museum showcases and preserves the cultural heritage of the people of Kooki and the regalia of Kamuswaga the traditional head of Kooki Chiefdom. The museum also preserves the cultural resources of the different people living in Rakai district County. One of the most outstanding objects in the museum is a wood and cow-hide bed which was used by Kamuswaga Edward Kezekia Ndaula II between 1897 and 1907. Kezekia was a Munyoro and descendant of Omukama Bwohe, who is said to have founded the kingdom around 1696.

For further details, contact the Minister of Culture, Heritage and Tourism, Kooki Chiefdom: +256 782 863205, +256 759 564 100 E-mail: sebdick56@gmail.com