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Ateker Cultural Museum

Ateker Cultural Museum in Moroto joins UCOMA

Ateker Cultural Museum is located in Moroto and seeks to preserve the Ateker Culture by way of collecting, preserving & conserving and exhibiting the tangible and intangible heritage of the Ateker peoples. The museum further seeks to increase access to academic learning/study sites for students in North and Northeast Uganda who usually travel over 200 km to access study sites. The museum prides itself in the use and preservation of indigenous knowledge and solutions and demonstrates their importance in promoting social cohesion as well as in responding to contemporary society problems.


To promote development using the Ateker Culture.


To collect, preserve, conserve and promote the culture of Ateker people and use it as a conduit for development among and beyond the Ateker people.


  • Museum tour
  • Oral and intangible heritage
  • Cultural classes for students
  • Cultural nights
  • Cultural photoshoots
  • Cultural shop
  • Research


  • Students
  • Foreign tourists
  • Natives (adults and children)
  • Researchers from higher learning institutions
  • Culture-related organisations such as UNESCO

Fees (UGX)

Native adults: 2USD Native children: 1USD Foreign adults: 5USD Foreign children: 2USD Student: 1USD Location

Ateker Museum is located on Plot 4, Komolo Road, Senior Quarters, Soroti city.

Contact details:

Email: atekermuseum@gmail.com WhatsApp: +256 787578570
Tel.: +256 771926793/753842824 Website: https:/atekermuseum.org Socials:

X: @atekermuseum

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