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Bunyoro historical community museum roof swept off by heavy wind

Roof swept off by heavy wind

As the country continues to experience heavy rainfall, it leaves devastating effects on communities and their properties. Bunyoro community historical community Museum, a member of the Uganda Community Museums Association is a victim of the recent rains. The roof of the museum was swept off by the heavy wind destroying parts of the building that hosts the museum and several artifacts.

Crowd fundraising to re-roofing of the Bunyoro historical community museum

Members of the Uganda Community Museums Association (UCOMA) and cultural enthusiasts and the Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda (CCFU) spearheaded a crowd fundraising campaign to raise money for the reconstruction of the roof.

About 600,000 Uganda Shillings was raised to procure new iron sheets, cement and hire of labour to re-instate the roof the museum building.

This initiative highly demonstrates the niche of community museums to safeguard and promote cultural heritage in communities.

Bunyoro Community Historical Museum Associates

Located along the shores of Lake Albert, Bunyoro Community Historical Museum Associates (for Peace and Development) showcases artifacts that depict the cultural heritage and history of the people of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom. Artifacts range from musical instruments to household utensils.

The Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda’s work with community museums

Inspired by the pride and self-motivation exhibited by individuals, families, clans, and community groups to preserve and showcase their artifacts and literature, CCFU supports local initiatives to promote and preserve cultural heritage. So far we have worked with close to thirty self-motivated and dynamic individuals, groups and families, as our first partners of choice.

Community museums display unique ethnographic collections, literature, traditional instruments, all demonstrating the cultural rights of self-expression and identity by a variety of local communities.

In 2011 CCFU supported the establishment and recognition of the Uganda Community Museums Association (UCOMA) as an NGO, to raise the profile of the museums and link them to potential funders and other supporters.