Strengthening the capacity of community museums to promote inscribed Intangible Cultural Heritage elements.

The Uganda Community Museums Association is please to receive support from the Uganda National The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

The that will be supported by UNESCO aims at supporting 5 community museums to collaborate with their neighbouring communities to enhance the understanding, appreciation and visibility of inscribed elements.

The proposed mode of action is to build the capacity of the managers of the community museums and of selected representatives of theICH bearer communities to equip them with sufficient information which they can then creatively share through museum spaces, through youth competitions and through other local and national public events. This will lead to increasing the visibility of the elements and strengthen transmission mechanisms – and therefore the viability of the elements. In addition, a film and a publication, combining all 5 elements, especially targeting a national audience and highlighting the role of community museums in promoting ICH will be prepared and disseminated.

Expected results include an increased appreciation of ICH elements by the concerned communities, increased capacity by community museums to promote these elements and increased visibility of the elements at national level.

Amakondere (Runyoro)- The Royal Trumpets At Nyamyarro Museum, Hoima

Ensuwa dh’eminwa esatu (Lusoga) – Pot with three spouts at Cultural Research Centre Jinja

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