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Bunyoro historical community museum roof swept off by heavy wind Posted Apr 14, 2021 By Kisa2020

As the country continues to experience heavy rainfall, it leaves devastating effects on communities and their properties. Bunyoro community historical community Museum, a member of

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Strengthening the capacity of community museums to promote inscribed intangible cultural heritage elements Posted May 11, 2020 By Kisa2020

The Uganda Community Museums Association (UCOMA) received funding worth $61,360 from UNESCO to implement the above project whose main goal is to strengthen the capacity

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World Heritage Day 2020 Posted Apr 17, 2020 By Kisa2020

Uganda Community Museums commemorate World Heritage Day 2020 behind closed doors due to COVID 19

Kooki Cultural Museum launches a catalogue. Posted Jan 11, 2019 By f5g1e

Kooki Cultural Museum launches a catalogue. Located next to the headquarters of Rakai District and within the Kamuswaga gardens, the museum showcases and preserves the

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