About Us

Uganda Community Museums Association (UCOMA)

In all the four regions of Uganda that you may visit, you will be pleasantly surprised to find a community museum. Community museums are initiatives by individuals, families or groups who have collected artifacts, oral history, and other elements of the local culture. The museums have made an effort to link past and future through their collections, which are accessible to schools, researchers, local residents and foreign tourists.
Community museums play an important role in preserving and presenting the diversity of Uganda’s cultural heritage and provide spaces for appreciating different cultures; they are cultural repositories; some have well documented literature on culture and other socio-anthropology aspects. Community museums have isolated themselves as important niches for cultural tourism in Uganda.

In 2010 Community Museums agreed to form an association which was to be owned by the museum owners themselves and be called Uganda Community Museums Association (UCOMA). In 2011, with support from CCFU UCOMA was registered as an NGO with the National NGO Board.

Mission of UCOMA
To bring together all member community museums, to enhance their professionalism and protect their interests, so that communities in Uganda value and promote their culture.

Objectives of UCOMA
• To preserve artifacts and cultures throughout the country through community museums.
• To expose to all generations, especially the youth, Uganda’s culture artifacts and traditions.
• To come together under one umbrella organization and share experiences, knowledge, skills, and resources, both within and outside Uganda
• To advocate for the common interests of the members and for a conducive policy environment for their work
• To promote members’ professional growth in managing their individual museums
• To carry out relevant documentation and research on African / Ugandan artifacts, cultures and their evolution.